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a grants program that promotes equity through advocacy and access.

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Judy Belk
President and CEO

Sunday Mourning

My nephew and his girlfriend were visiting Saturday, so my husband, Roger, and I joined them for a rare late night on the town. We took in a 10 o’clock show at a Los Angeles comedy club. Rog and I were the oldest folks in the place by far, but the energy was great — “We should go out more!” I thought to myself. On the streets, the city was abuzz, rainbow flags were flying and celebrations were underway for Sunday’s Pride parade. I made it home well past my bedtime but aglow from a fun night out with loved ones. More…

 Wellness Stories

Cal Wellness emboldens work of violence prevention expert

Perseverance and passion are hallmarks of community-building efforts in San Joaquin

Sammy Nuñez is executive director of Fathers & Families of San Joaquin, a community-based organization providing services for young fathers and incarcerated men in San Joaquin County. He is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of youth development and responsible fatherhood and addresses violence by improving conditions in his community. He was selected as a California Peace Prize honoree by Cal Wellness in 2010, and his organization has received two additional grants from the Foundation since then. More…


Cal Wellness Sabbatical Program Awards

In late summer of 2016, Cal Wellness will award up to eight $40,000 grants to nonprofit health organizations to provide their executive directors with well-deserved sabbaticals. Pictured above (from left) are the 2014 Cal Wellness Sabbatical Program Award recipients: Raul Diaz of Path of Life Ministries; Nahla Kayali of Access California Services; Madalynn Rucker of ONTRACK Program Resources, Inc.; Sherilyn Adams of Larkin Street Youth Services; Belinda Rolicheck of Haven Women’s Center of Stanislaus; Mary Anne Foo of Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance, Inc.; and Kathryn Edith Powell of Petaluma Health Center (not pictured). More…



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